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B. Leroy

Targeted proteomic for high throughput, robust and absolute protein quantification in complex matrices

C. Le Goff

The pathway through LC-MS method development: homemade or kit-based?

G. Deprez

Mass spectrometry overview in the special biochemistry lab (LHUB-ULB)

D. Fage

Immunosuppressants on the Sciex Topaz™ system

P. Van Antwerpen

Assessment of the lipoprotein quality by LC-MS/MS

F. Wolff

Steroids on the Sciex Citrine System

F. Boemer

Underivatized Method for the Newborn Screening of Aminoacids, Acylcarnitines and LPC’s

D. Borrey

Column-switching LCMSMS for simultaneous measurement of all 4 DOACs

J. Vanderlinden

Merger of University Clinical Labs:Challenges and Pitfalls

J. Poels & S. Schouteden

The challenge of the IVDR

N. De Vos

Impact of IVDR on the clinical labs